I write branded content stories people actually want to read.

Have you ever gotten three-quarters of the way through an article before realizing, "Holy crap, this is an ad?" 

I joke that this is what I do for a living, but the truth is that when branded content is executed well, it shouldn't deter people from reading — and it certainly should never leave readers with a bad taste in their mouths regarding either the sponsor or the publisher. 

What defines me as a copywriter is dedication to quality, whether your brand is an edgy startup that crowd-funded a rad new travel pillow or a large organization that sells corporate learning software. I take due diligence seriously: researching, fact-checking, reaching out to sources and conducting interviews, etc. etc. I also dabble in editorial writing — and sometimes I write just for fun.

Check out my portfolio below for a sample of some of my most recent projects.


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